Cat Fighting – How To Stop It


If you have a household that has multiple cats as pets then the occasional fight will occur. Most of the time there is peace, love, purring and happiness. You will probably even see your feline friends snuggling up and cleaning each other in a loving way that will make you want to stop and take a picture.

Then you turn your back for a moment and screams, screeches, scratching and hissing is going on. You have a cat fight on your hands!

There are many reasons why cats fight. The important thing is not to panic.

Here are some of the major catalysts for cat scraps.

Territorial Issues: Cats are much more territorial than dogs and contrary to what many believe a female cat is just as territorial as a male cat.

If one or the other feels that their personal territory is being invaded then there are likely to be hisses and swats. This can happen between cats that have lived together for a long time and with ones that are newly introduced to a home.

The Alpha Male: If you have more than one male cat in the house there is, and can only ever be, one alpha male. What usually happens in these situations is a showdown. The cats will square off, arch backs and start hissing at each other.

Two things can happen at this point. Either one of the cats will break down and concede superiority to the other or neither will-then you have a battle on your hands.

They leap forward trying to bit each other and fall on their backs scraping away with their hind legs.
Usually, injuries don’t occur and you will not need to break it up but keep an eye on it anyway.

Aggression Factors: Cats are naturally wild animals that man has chosen to domesticate. While some cats will live “high on the hog” in their homes they are instinctually “outside” animals.

Aggression may occur in cats that often look outside windows and see other cats, dogs and smaller animals.

This may cause for some aggression and because the catalyst is unreachable the cat may choose to take it out on a cat that is nearby.
Again, there is a fight between two long time friends. They may not even understand what caused it themselves and soon will be playing or paying no attention to one another again.

But how do you put an end to all this fighting?

Even though much of the fighting is harmless no one wants full blown cat fights erupting in their homes every time they turn around.
There are some things you can do to dissuade the fights but remember that you can only mitigate the catalysts and not stop them completely.
Cats are who they are and that is why owners love them. They have personality and this type of friskiness is part of the package.

If the cat is a new addition you can try to rub both animals down with the same towel. This will ensure that the scents are common on both animals.
This helps because it will reduce the amount of “strangeness” that they feel with each other.

You may also try putting your cats in a time out. Possibly putting the new cat behind a closed door for a while may help. Place your feeding bowls and trays right at the doors for both cats, but still separated.

This will allow for a time of acquaintance making as the cats smell each other and become accustomed to the other’s presence.

Cats that have been together for a while are going occasionally. It just happens. To fight but to break it up immediately however, there are some methods to use that will not put you in the way of slashing claws.

Try shaking a jar that is half full of coins to distract and startle your pets. Sometimes throwing a blanked over both of them will help as well.
Some even suggest spraying water from a bottle on them. However you accomplish the cessation it is important to separate the cats and then re-introduce them slowly.