Groom Your Cats The Right Way

We all know that cats love to keep themselves clean and are able to groom on their own. However, this does not mean that we, being their human friends, should not help them. Whether they like it or not, our kitties require our help in order to avoid being affected by certain cat health problems.

When a cat licks itself to keep its body groomed, it swallows a lot of hair in the process. This can create a clump of hairball in its stomach later on, thereby giving rise to grave health risks. At the same time, if your pet is suffering from cat dandruff, it will swallow the flaky skin as well, which is obviously not desirable.

So, here are some basic tips to keep your cat groomed at home without hiring any professional help.

Cat Grooming Supplies

You will require some essential cat grooming supplies in order to groom your cat at home. A metal comb with wide set round bristles is a must for grooming cats. Next is a slicker brush, which has tiny bristles that look like the cat’s tongue rasps and serves the same purpose.

These two are the most essential grooming supplies, which you can team up with a flea comb and grooming mitts. You should also get a nail clipper as well to cut the sharp edges of your kitty’s nails.

Cat Grooming Process

First of all, it would be a good idea to prepare yourself mentally that lots of patience is required for this endeavor. Keep it in mind that you may not be able to groom your cat completely in one session and that it may take even two sittings spread over two days. When you approach your pet for grooming, keep it friendly and calm with lots of petting, small treats and talks.

Do not force your cat to sit calmly or in a position that is downright uncomfortable for it. All these will intimidate it and you would have more difficulty in grooming it in the future.

A gentle approach and learning when to quit is a must when you are grooming cats. It would be much better to have a regular session of five minutes than a challenging and long grooming session.

If you face tangles that cannot be undone, the only thing you can do would be to take your cat to a professional. Proper grooming of your kitty will keep it free from cat dandruff, and ticks, while also keeping it away from other skin diseases at the same time.