Common Cat Health Problem – How To Treat Cat Corneal Ulcer



There are a number of cat health problems that your furry friend can get affected with, one of them being cat corneal ulcer. If you are better informed about the cause and general symptoms of corneal ulcers in cats, you may protect her from this disease effectively.

Before you learn more about this condition and how it affects your cat, it is important to know about the cornea and how it serves the eye.

A cornea is the transparent covering over the eye which has the shape of a dome. It performs two main functions, acting as a protective covering over the eye and mainly helps in the refraction of light for focusing. The cornea has four layers in it.

A corneal ulcer is when there is a hole in the first layer. It may get wider if left unattended causing microorganism to intrude the deeper level. Since there are a number of nerve fibers in the cornea which are attached to the pain receptors, this infection gets painful for the eye and soon it can spread causing irreparable damage to the cat’s eye.

Generally, a cat corneal ulcer is caused due to foreign particles in the eye. If your cat has scratched it eyes accidentally, the cornea can get affected causing the ulcer. If you see green or yellow discharge in the eye of your cat along with redness, consult a vet immediately to know whether it has been affected.

Once your vet is sure of cat corneal ulcers after thorough diagnosis, he will give you medical advice to follow. If the infection is in the earlier stage, the vet may suggest eye drops for your cat that can offer relief from the pain as well as antibiotic ointment for killing the germs. You may have to apply the ointment in the cat’s eyes for almost 4-6 times a day.

Your vet may also advise you to use an e-collar to prevent your kitty from pawing her eyes. However, if your cat’s corneal ulcer is in severe condition, your vet will likely suggest surgical treatment for your cat. In such surgery, the third eyelid is pulled over the cornea to heal the wound and to nourish it.

I hope this article has been helpful in describing cat corneal ulcers, its symptoms and treatment. If you suspect that your cat is suffering from this condition, take it to the vet immediately for proper medical attention.